Benjamin Hervy

Research engineer, PhD



Chemin de la Censive du Tertre

44312 Nantes, France

I currently work as a research engineer for OR2C, a regional observatory on coastal risk management where I contribute to GIS data management, analysis, and to web application development.

I am also associate researcher to Centre François Viète. I’m interested in citizen sciences, and contribute to a crowdsourcing project about Comédie-Italienne (XVIIIth century). I also investigate epistemology issues related to data processing in digital humanities projects.

I graduated from École Centrale de Nantes, with a Master in engineering (mechanics and computer science), and a PhD in industrial engineering during which I specialized in knowledge management and data science for digital humanities.

Scientific collaborations:

Selected publications

  1. A First Attempt Towards General Purpose Data Model for Historical Databases
    Raschia, Guillaume,  Hervy, Benjamin, and Guo, LinFei
    In EADH 2018: Data in Digital Humanities Dec 2018
  2. Humanités numériques et archives orales : cartographies d’une mémoire collective sur les matériaux
    Teissier, Pierre, Quantin, Matthieu, and Hervy, Benjamin
    Cahiers François Viète Mar 2018
  3. Crowdsourcing-based Annotation of the Accounting Registers of the Italian Comedy
    Granet, Adeline,  Hervy, Benjamin, Roman Jimenez, Geoffrey, Hachicha, Marouane, Morin, Emmanuel, Mouchère, Harold, Quiniou, Solen, Raschia, Guillaume, Rubellin, Françoise, and Viard-Gaudin, Christian
    In 11th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC) May 2018
  4. Framework for historical knowledge management in museology
    Hervy, Benjamin, Laroche, Florent, Bernard, Alain, and Kerouanton, Jean-Louis Jlk
    International Journal of Product Lifecycle Management Mar 2017