Benjamin Hervy

Research engineer, PhD



Chemin de la Censive du Tertre

44312 Nantes, France

I currently work as a research engineer for OR2C, a regional observatory on coastal risk management where I contribute to GIS data management, data analysis with ML/DL, and to web application development.

I am also associate researcher to Centre François Viète. I’m interested in citizen sciences, and contribute to a crowdsourcing project about Comédie-Italienne (XVIIIth century). I also investigate epistemology issues related to data processing in digital humanities projects.

I graduated from École Centrale de Nantes, with a Master in engineering (mechanics and computer science), and a PhD in industrial engineering during which I specialized in knowledge management and data science for digital humanities.

Scientific collaborations:

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selected publications

  1. Outil d’analyse automatique de profils de plage
    Benjamin Hervy, and Martin Juigner
    Oct 2022
  2. A First Attempt Towards General Purpose Data Model for Historical Databases
    Guillaume Raschia, Benjamin Hervy, and LinFei Guo
    In EADH 2018: Data in Digital Humanities, Dec 2018
  3. Humanités numériques et archives orales : cartographies d’une mémoire collective sur les matériaux
    Pierre Teissier, Matthieu Quantin, and Benjamin Hervy
    Cahiers François Viète, Mar 2018
  4. Crowdsourcing-based Annotation of the Accounting Registers of the Italian Comedy
    Adeline Granet, Benjamin Hervy, Geoffrey Roman Jimenez, and 7 more authors
    In 11th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC), May 2018
  5. Framework for historical knowledge management in museology
    Benjamin Hervy, Florent Laroche, Alain Bernard, and 1 more author
    International Journal of Product Lifecycle Management, Mar 2017